Member and Client Webinar on DCCI Five-Year Strategy

Posted 29.04.21

Member and Client Webinar on DCCI Five-Year Strategy

A note from DCCI CEO Rosemary Steen:

As you know, I am committed to regularly engaging with stakeholders, and I wanted to involve you at an early stage in our strategic process. We have recently retained KPMG to support the development of a five-year strategy for 2022-2027. KMPG were selected based on their work with many other national agencies, including Coillte, Bord na Mona and Bord Bia. We feel that working with this experienced KPMG team will significantly aid our strategic approach. I believe that a short consultation with you will bring a valuable perspective as we seek to architect the organisation's future.

DCCI Clients and Members were invited to join us for a webinar to introduce KPMG and discuss DCCI’s strategic goals. This webinar took place on Tuesday 4 May at 12:30pm.

Our ask now is for you to participate in a questionnaire to gather your views on:

  • Ambitions for DCCI and reflections on impact to date, in particular over the past year
  • Thoughts on policy support and regulatory enablers
  • Opportunities for greater collaboration with other public bodies
  • Broader DCCI role in Ireland, across economic or societal impact, and sustainability
  • Routes to greater commercial enablement
  • Methods to measure and communicate the DCCI impact – demonstrating VFM and social benefits

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