The Winners for the 2019 Golden Fleece Award Announced

Posted 17.04.19

Two ceramicists and two visual artistshave been announced as winners of the annual Golden Fleece Awards.

Golden Fleece Awards 2019

Golden Fleece Award: Nuala O'Donovan; Ceramic Sculptures & Marcel Vidal; Painting in Oil, Installations
Special Awards: Sara Flynn; Ceramic & Bronze Sculptural Forms & Dragana Jurišić; Photography

The Golden Fleece Award is an independent artistic prize fund established as a charitable bequest by the late Helen Lillias Mitchell.

The mission of the Golden Fleece Award is to provide resources for practicing Irish craft and visual artists aspiring to innovate and to develop their artistic vision. The award supports artists working in all forms of visual, crafts and applied arts at critical junctures of their careers.

Nuala O'Donovan, Golden Fleece Award 2019.
Sculptural forms in porcelain clay

Nuala O'Donovan makes sculptural pieces based on the geometry of natural forms. She currently uses porcelain as her main material. The sculptural forms are constructed slowly over a period of weeks or months, and fired a number of times during the making process. Nuala's work combines regular pattern with the characteristics of fractal forms from nature. The finished forms are a result of an intuitive response to the direction that the pattern takes as well as the irregularity in the handmade elements of the pattern.

Marcel Vidal. Golden Fleece Award 2019.
Painting and Sculpture

Marcel Vidal's work often starts with a digital image which is materialised physically and rendered with traditional techniques in oil or watercolor, a painting. He then work intuitively with collected and hoarded materials in his studio, devising anarchic architectural sculptures, that often stage and frame paintings and objects. He is interested in the failure and impossibility of representation within the hyper saturated image culture of today.

Sara Flynn. Special Award 2019.
Sculptural Forms in Ceramics and Bronze

Concentrating on the challenges of forms thrown on the potter's wheel which are then altered and changed at varying stages of the drying process, Sara Flynn produces Sculptural Decorative Vessels. 'Closed' Abstract Forms are also explored through the production of limited edition Cast Bronze objects. The major concerns that her work deals with are a love of Form, Line and Volume expressed through the qualities and scope of my chosen materials. She has an on-going relationship with porcelain, and for now it is still her clay of choice.

Dragana Jurišić. Special Award 2019.

The story of Dragana Jurišić as a photographer starts on the day when herfamily apartment burned down together with thousands of prints and negatives her father, an ardent amateur photographer, had accumulated. On that day she became one of those 'refugees' with no photographs, with no past. Indeed, her memories of the events and people Ishe had encountered before that Sunday in September 1991 are either non-existent or very vague. She learned then the power photography has over memory.

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