Made in Ireland exhibition extended in DCCI’s National Design & Craft Gallery

Posted 04.02.22

Made in Ireland exhibition extended in DCCI’s National Design & Craft Gallery

Design & Crafts Council Ireland is delighted to extend the Made in Ireland exhibition in DCCI’s National Design & Craft Gallery until 19 March 2022.

At a time when many are showing a considerable preference and appreciation for goods that are Irish made, we are delighted to continue to give a platform to this colourful, inclusive exhibition that shows the very best of what is Made in Ireland.

With over 110 exhibiting makers, from all regions of Ireland and Northern Ireland, Made in Ireland has gathered together the largest visual and sensory feast of fresh ideas and craftsmanship that has been seen in a gallery setting within Ireland. Offering an insight into current activity in skilled making on a national scale, it is not only reflective of the skills of our community of makers, but it also celebrates work by different generations of the same family, and by collaborative groups and partnerships – it demonstrates the importance of passing on skills, of cross-pollination and innovation.

Made In Ireland showcases craft and design that brings joy, created by emerging makers and recent graduates to master craftspeople, household names to those working away quietly perfecting their skill, makers from multi-generational craft families to those breaking new ground. It is a true and enriching representation of the fabric of the Irish craft and design sector.

Viewers to the exhibition have remarked that it is ‘extremely high-quality throughout’ and ‘a feast for the soul and eyes’. Through repeat visits, and visitors travelling to Kilkenny from across the country, it has been recognised that there is a desire for an extension to this popular exhibition. DCCI have facilitated this to allow visitors continue to enjoy the colourful, uplifting presentation of objects showcased in Made in Ireland.

Project team of Made in Ireland, Mary Gallagher, Hilary Morley and Stephen O’Connell said: “It is our hope that Made in Ireland will engage with diverse audiences and build understanding of craft, design and material culture.  In a desert of digital and mass manufacture, we find this oasis of making – a tangible link to the materials and traditions of this island, to its colour, its landscape and its people.”

Made in Ireland will continue at the National Design & Craft Gallery until 19 March, allowing visitors to visit the exhibition for a final time on the newly-announced Bank Holiday following St. Patrick’s day. For more information visit

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