Meet the Maker Lyndsey Bowles, Jewellery Designer

Posted 15.12.22

Meet the Maker Lyndsey Bowles, Jewellery Designer

Álainn was founded in March 2021 by Jeweler Lyndsey Bowles. Her journey started while studying in the National College of Art and Design where she completed a bachelors degree in Jewellery and Objects. Lyndsey gained the knowledge skill and tools needed to start up her own company and create unique pieces of quality and beauty. Álainn /awl-in/ means beautiful in Irish. Álainn is a silversmithing and jewellery design studio based in west cork. Their aim is to work only with sustainable sources. They are also a zero waste business, recycling even the gold and silver scraps left after making a piece.

What's a typical day in the studio like for you?
I start off with sorting gem stones / seaglass into colour groups for pairs of earrings, ring bezels, pendants etc. I handmake everything - even down to the earwires. So my mornings usually consist of sorting / organising and then an evening of making!

What do you like most about your work?
The enjoyment I get out of designing / making jewellery. Waking up in the morning and feeling good about what I do. It is most satisfying when others enjoy my jewellery too!

What do you like least about your work?  
Accidentally ruining a piece I had been working on for awhile - very frustrating! However I do learn from these mistakes so they are helpful in the future.

What's your favourite craft item in your home?
A handmade ceramics soap dish and tooth brush holder by Ceramifique - such beauful and elegant pieces!

What other maker in your discipline do you most look up to?
I would have to say Bukkehave - pieces are so interesting and they also use sustainable materials.

What advice would you give someone who is considering this craft career?  
Get your hands on as many books as possible! Video tutorials can be very helpful as a means of demonstration. I had access to this while in college, however there are other options like courses Lucy Walker provides. (Beginners to Advanced)

What's your favourite time of the day?
Early morning. I love getting up early, it's quiet and peaceful. I tend to get most of my tedious work done in the morning too which makes work in the evening more satisfying.

How do you switch off?
Walk on the beach, a movie, maybe even a glass of wine!

How do you start your day?
10 min meditation - coffee - planning what I have to do for the day. ( orders / stock / making pieces etc )

What's the first thing you do when you leave the studio?
Exercise to stretch my legs after sitting down all day! Usually yoga, barre or a run.

Favourite book?
The Road Less Travelled

Favourite film?
The Great Gatsby

Best concert you have ever been to?
Billy Joel

Favourite meal?

Music when you're working?

What do you listen to?
Masego, Paolo Nutini. I also love listening to the radio and podcasts

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