New European Bauhaus

Posted 04.05.21

The New European Bauhaus project by the European Commission is a cultural movement that aims to make Europe carbon neutral by 2050.

On 23 April this year the European Commission announced a competition for two strands of the New European Bauhaus Prize across 10 categories. The first strand, the New European Bauhaus Award, amounts to €30,000 and a communication package per each category. The second, the New European Bauhaus Rising Stars prize, is €15,000 along with a communication package per category. Visit the competition website for details on how to apply, a full list of categories and further information. The deadline for applications is 31 May.

The New European Bauhaus project by the European Commission is a cultural movement that aims to make Europe carbon neutral by 2050 and to renovate 35 million buildings across the continent by 2030. Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has described New European Bauhaus as a movement to act as “a bridge between the world of science and technology and the world of art and culture”. It seeks to create a European Green Deal aesthetic combining innovative design with sustainability under the motto that “the necessary can also be beautiful”.

The initiative is currently in its early ‘co-design’ phase and the European Commission is currently collecting ideas and examples of what New European Bauhaus should look like in practice. New European Bauhaus is a unique process, never before undertaken in the European Union, and it presents a major opportunity for Irish stakeholders to play a central role in shaping the future of the European Union.

To help kickstart the national conversation around the New European Bauhaus, Design & Crafts Council Ireland (DCCI), the Irish Architecture Foundation (IAF) and the Institute of Designers in Ireland (IDI) organised three informative sectoral webinars, which took place in March 2021, o explore how Ireland can benefit from a landmark new initiative that will shape the future of Europe.

‘Designing Europe’s future’ – webinars to explore how Ireland can benefit from landmark EU movement 

Design & Crafts Council Ireland, Irish Architecture Foundation and Institute of Designers in Ireland co-hosted the first Irish events as part of New European Bauhaus initiative

Webinar Recordings

First Webinar - Tuesday 9 March
This first webinar gathered representatives from the construction, architecture, environmental and technology sectors.

Second Webinar - Friday 12 March
This second webinar gathered representatives from the design, crafts and arts sectors.

Third webinar – Friday 18 March
This third webinar gathered representatives from business and government sectors.

Design & Crafts Council Ireland, the national agency for the commercial development of Irish designers and makers, described the New European Bauhaus as “a historic moment for design in Europe”. Working closely with its partners in the Bureau of European Design Associations (BEDA), the national design and crafts agency is currently assisting its members, the wider design community in Ireland and any industry stakeholders who are interested in becoming involved with the Europe-wide co-design process.

The New European Bauhaus webinars are being coordinated by Design & Crafts Council Ireland European Programme Project Manager Nikola Tomić. For more information about the initiative, contact Nikola directly on 083 023 1195 or via email:

For further information please visit

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