Amelia Reynolds

Amelia Reynolds

Image: “Carnival” Egg
Exterior: Silver egg with tube set multi-coloured Cubic Zirconias
Interior: Silver and 24ct gold-plated ferris wheel set with multi-coloured Cubic Zirconias

Amelia Reynolds graduated from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, in 2013, where she specialised in metal craft design, as well as developing skills in ceramics and glass. After receiving a First Class Honours degree she was awarded a Leonardo da Vinci grant which allowed her to travel to The Netherlands and train under goldsmith Froukje Idsardi. It was during this four-month internship that Amelia developed a passion for working with traditional goldsmithing techniques. In 2014, she commenced a one-year residency in NorthCity4, a jewellery collective based in Melbourne, Australia. During the DCCOI Jewellery and Goldsmithing Skills & Design Course, Amelia gained valuable experience working with ESL Jewellery, Dublin. Upon graduation, Amelia would like to progress to a professional goldsmithing workshop to further develop her knowledge and fine jewellery skills and techniques.

“What excites me about making jewellery is the balance it strikes between being both a creative and technically demanding process. Each piece presents new challenges which require a level of inventiveness and a dedication to quality craftsmanship.”

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