Cassie McCann

Cassie McCann

Image: “The Little Mermaid Egg”
Exterior: Silver enameled egg with bayonet fitting set with cabochon freshwater pearls
Interior: Hand carved silver mermaid figurine on silver base set with pearls and ocean blue diamonds

Cassie McCann is from Greystones, Co. Wicklow and comes from a graphic design background. In 2009, she decided to explore a love of jewellery by attending some short courses. Cassie then got the opportunity to work part time for AMOC Jewellery in Wicklow. Here, Cassie was given the opportunity to improve her technical skills and her love of metal craft deepened. In 2015, she was accepted onto the DCCoI Jewellery and Goldsmithing Skills & Design Course. While on the course, Cassie completed the GemA Diamond Grading Practical exam. She also completed a work placement with Liam Costigan Goldsmith and gained teaching experience at The Jewellery School, Birmingham. On graduating the course, Cassie will continue her training within the trade in Ireland and abroad.

“This course has gone beyond my wildest expectations with what I have learned, the pieces I have been able to make and mostly the incredible support from my tutor, all the visiting tutors, staff and everyone involved at the DCCOI.”

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