Sandra Hartwieg

Sandra Hartwieg

Details of Egg
Exterior: Electro-etched silver egg with 24carat gold Keum Boo
Interior: Electro-etched wearable silver perfume bottle with 22carat gold plated lid and detachable silver chain with gold plated sphere

Sandra Hartweig graduated from the National College of Art and Design in 2011 with a BA in History of Art and Fine Art, specialising in sculpture. Sandra initially pursued an interest in traditional goldsmithing through evening classes at the School of Jewellery in Dublin. She chose to apply to the full-time DCCoI Jewellery and Goldsmithing Skills & Design Course for the intensive two-year programme that would give her an in-depth knowledge and the time to develop her goldsmithing skills. Sandra got the opportunity to go on work placement during the second year of the DCCoI programme at Appleby’s Jewellery workshop in Dublin and Rudolf Heltzel's in Kilkenny where she gained valuable jewellery industry experience. As one of the finalists in the Bench to Business module in conjunction with the Kilkenny Group, Sandra will have her jewellery range stocked in the Kilkenny Shop on Nassau Street in Dublin for six weeks from September 2017. She hopes to continue her training and gain more experience working in a goldsmith’s workshops upon graduating.

“I love the design element on the course, taking an idea from initial concept to finished piece using the skills we’ve accumulated over the two years.”

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