Adam Frew

Adam Frew

Adam Frew produces handcrafted porcelain vessels inspired by traditional eastern forms. Frew’s work aims to capture the exuberance of the act of throwing so that energy and movement are communicated in his vessels. This practice is complemented and enhanced by continuing experimentation with method, form and colour. Mark-making is an intuitive process for Adam; sometimes it relates to the form being made, or to the process of making it, and sometimes it is part of the realisation of a personal narrative. All work is made from white porcelain, gas or wood fired in a reducing atmosphere. He is currently artist-in-residence at the Flowerfield Arts Centre, Portstewart, Co. Derry.

Adam will work at a potter’s wheel, handcrafting his porcelain vessels in the Heal's Tottenham Court Road store for a limited run over the Design Ireland event, see below for details. 

9th March 11.00am-6.00pm
10th March 11.00am-6.00pm
11th March 11.00am-6.00pm

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