Andrew Ludick

Andrew Ludick

Andrew Ludick's work has slowly evolved towards forms that illustrate the natural properties of clay and the processes he uses to create them. The building of these forms involves coiling and pinching the clay to create vases, bowls and various other shapes. The slow process of coil building and the meditative aspects of pinching the clay take him into a space that allows a natural progression to happen where the form seems to build itself. 

The act of building with coils is a very organic way of growth. After the form is built it is decorated using shapes and patterns which complement it. A piece for decoration is often either seen as a blank canvas to draw shapes on or an interesting form to compliment with patterns. The final pieces are covered in a clear transparent glaze which serves to deepen the colours and to seal the clay so it can be used for functional purposes.

Some major influences come from native American and African indigenous art and music. Also such artists and musicians as Paul Klee, John French, Peter Bruegel, Lester Young and Thelonious Monk.

Jug & Beakers. Jug: 33cm tall x 15 cm wide, beakers: 14cm tallx 9cm wide. White earthenware, coloured slips, clear glaze. Price: €400 / £320.

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