Contemporary Tapestry Artists (CTA)

Contemporary Tapestry Artists is a network of professional tapestry weavers in Ireland. Founded in 1990, this group of artists and designers engage in the radical act of dedicating their lives to the ancient technique of hand weaving tapestry in the digital age. For these artists engagement with the warp and weft, the manipulation of fibres, the rhythm of movement between hand and eye, the physicality of the process are essential in their daily creative process. Weaving by its nature is a solitary occupation and months of immersion with the line by line process of building a tapestry wall hanging may lead to isolation. Coming together as a group provides the opportunity to pool resources of a deep knowledge and a wealth of experience, to work together to promote this art form through exhibitions and engagement with the public. One thing common to each member is a deep love and commitment to the technique of weave as a means of expression. It may not be our sole creative outlet but it informs every other aspect of our creative lives. By exhibiting as a group they convey the versatility and diversity of this unique art form and take on the responsibility to create visibility and understanding for an often misunderstood medium.


Exhibitions, promotion, commissions, teaching, design/work breaks.

Who Can Join 

The group consists of seven members whom have all been successful in gaining awards, commissions, and exhibiting their work over the past 20 years.