Cork Craft & Design

Cork Craft and Design (CCD) aims to bring together craftspeople from across Cork County, regardless of whether they are members of other local guilds, associations or networks, in order to build country-wide business opportunity for the sector.

CCD has been in existence for eight years and was formerly called the Cork Professional Craftworkers Forum, and also Cork Art and Design. The focus of the group is very much on centralised marketing and locally organised events. CCD is responsible for the very successful Cork Craft Month, which comprises upwards of 50 events and studio trails. CCD aims to improve communications structures between craft workers and to promote and market member’s work through printed and web based materials while also developing training services to support the needs of members.


Cork Craft Month, open studio trails, exhibitions.

Who Can Join

Full Membership is open to craftspeople making their work in Co. Cork whose craftwork generates at least 50% of their income. Associate Membership is open to those who make their work in Co. Cork where less than 50% of income is generated from craft, such as students and non-professional craftspeople. Corporate Membership is open to retailer, companies, state agencies and local authorities.

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