Council of Irish Fashion Designers

The Council of Irish Fashion Designers is a representative body for Members.
Its aims and objectives include:

  • To promote the interests of its Members.
  • To build an aspirational brand for the premium sector of the Irish fashion industry.
  • To speak with a strong voice on behalf of its members to government, state agencies, media, business associations and the public at large.
  • To create a forum  for the dissemination of information of interest to Members  through a program of formal lectures, guest addresses or informal discussion.
  • To provide a facility for the sharing of commercial information of benefit to Members. 
  • To develop co-operative promotional strategies and events within the Membership and with other industries where common purpose can be served.
  • To establish a basis for informal contact and support between Members.
  • To actively encourage and nurture new entrants to the Irish fashion industry.


Promotion, talks, representation

Who can Join

Irish fashion designers