Irish Countrywomen’s Association

The Irish Countrywomen's Association (ICA) was founded in May 1910, originally called the Society of the United Irishwomen, its aim was “to improve the standard of life in rural Ireland through Education and Co-operative effort”. From the start the UI was non-denominational and non-party political, principles which continue to this day and members are drawn from every background and shade of opinion. 

Today the ICA has over 560 local guilds throughout Ireland in towns, villages and rural areas. For the vast majority of women in Ireland there is an ICA guild which meets within a short drive of their home. They offer, as they have always done, support and fun, and opportunities to make friends, learn new skills and contribute to the wider community.


Activities are wide and varied and include, arts, crafts, photography, creative writing, sports, dancing, cookery, and gardening.

Who Can Join

Women of all ages, backgrounds and denominations.

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