Louth Craftmark Designers Network

Louth Craftmark Designers Network is a recently formed Network in County Louth. It aims to be an inclusive Network representing Louth craft designer-makers. The network works closely with the Louth Craftmark Craft Development Programme and Louth Craftmark at Highlanes Gallery to achieve comprehensive and consistent development of the craft sector in County Louth.

The aims of the network are to ensure that Louth will have a flourishing craft sector where makers and their work will be valued, developed and celebrated while also developing a clear marketing vision for the craft sector in County Louth. The network also aims for its activities to be relevant to the needs of its members.


Developing the market for the craft sector in Louth, addressing the needs of its members.

Who Can Join

Membership is open to craftspeople living, working or born in Co. Louth who are also members of the Crafts Council of Ireland.

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