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The RDS was founded in 1731 to promote and develop the arts, agriculture, science and industry in Ireland. In 1746 it established the Dublin Society School of Drawing, which later became the National College of Art and Design (NCAD). Since 1834 craft exhibitions have been held at the RDS and in 1968 the RDS National Crafts Competition was launched.

In partnership with the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland (DCCoI) Future Makers Awards & Supports Programme, the RDS Craft Awards provides financial help to emerging makers who have demonstrated professional progression in their craft. These RDS Craft Awards take the form of five annual €10,000 bursaries available for Future Makers Awards & Supports winners in the preceding year, supporting their ongoing transition from emerging to professional craft maker. 

In order to be eligible for the Awards, an emerging maker must have received a Future Makers Award or Support in the preceding year, providing makers with the opportunity to demonstrate the progression of their skills and body of work over a period of time. The RDS also funds an annual €10,000 bursary for established makers which is managed by DCCoI.

The new changes followed a review by the RDS of the existing structure of the RDS Craft Awards and of supports available to the craft sector in Ireland. The new RDS Craft Awards are more aligned with the RDS arts work programme and its goal of supporting artists to make the transition from emerging to professional practice.


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