Apply Now - International Fair Fund 2022 Rolling Application

Posted 06.05.21

The International Fair Fund (IFF) is open for application for 2022 virtual and physical shows.

The IFF is designed to support clients who are export-ready to access international markets by offering financial support to exhibit at international trade fairs. In response to COVID-19 global travel and event restrictions IFF is now open to both physical and virtual events, and applicants can apply throughout the year. An independent selection panel will meet every 6-8 weeks to make decisions.

The criteria have been widened to include a greater scope of shows and established platforms that facilitate and support clients in establishing and growing their brand in international markets – both wholesale and specifier / direct.

Criteria for Selection

An independent panel of experts will assess and score all applications based on the following criteria:

  • Suitability to market - do you have a good understanding of the market that this show reaches, is your brand and your product range suited to the type of buyer/visitor that attends this show, is your pricing right for this market.  In the case of virtual shows, are you prepared for conducting business on-line, have you suitable images and video,  do you understand the requirements of the digital platform and have the resources to handle enquiries.
  • Commercial capacity - if you are currently selling into retail, do you have adequate margins, do you have capacity to service this market, do you have the right systems in place, is your web site B2B optimised.  If you are targetting specifiers, are you experienced in this market, can you develop bespoke product, can you ramp up production if necessary, have you a clear understanding of your margins.
  • Export readiness - do you currently export, have you researched this market/ territory, do you have pricing in the buyers currency, have you calculated shipping costs, do you understand customs requirements

Please ensure that you bear these critieria in mind as you fill in the form and that you make a strong business case for funding, as this is a competitive process.


Notes on the Programme: 

  1. The Programme can fund clients planning to exhibit at events that are targetted at trade buyers, specifiers, collectors or influencers - either physical or virtual
  2. It does not cover research missions  
  3. It is specifically targeted at international events - for clients wishing to break into or increase their presence in export markets. Therefore it is only open to shows outside of Ireland.
  4. The fund provides up to 50% match funding to successful applicants - with a ceiling of €3000 for UK and EU shows and €6000 shows from other regions.
  5. You can apply for more than one show - however you must complete a separate application for each show.
  6. You can apply for shows taking place during 2022.
  7. You can apply restrospectively for shows you exhibited at in early 2022.
  8. If you are applying for a virtual trade show it must meet the following criteria: 
     - be linked to, or be part of, a pre-existing physical trade show or event with a proven track record
     - have an established list of buyers/ influencers that they market the show to
     - be based on a trusted platform that facilitates lead generation and sales 

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