Grow your audiences with Local-workshop

Posted 28.09.21

Local-workshop's mission is to support craftspeople, artisans and makers by connecting them with people who are interested in trying something new, exploring their creativity or simply getting off-line.

From pottery to baking, woodcarving to knitting, foraging for wild food or working with glass, you can discover and book the best creative experiences near you - lead by craftspeople, chefs and artists.

Local-workshop want to create the best online platform to find and book local experiences around making. We want to provide makers/designers with an online platform that helps them to grow their audience and makes creating a workshop listing and managing bookings easy and less time consuming.

The platform is live at the moment with a mixture of live and demo listings. click here We are in the test stage of the project and looking for people to come onboard at this crucial stage to help us refine and develop the platform, so that we can design with Makers needs in mind.

The platform is free to register and to start listing workshops experiences and we don't ask people to pay a subscription, we do take a commission but only on workshops/classes that have sold.

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