Local Enterprise Office Carlow | Website Development Toolkit Training Event

Posted 09.09.21

The Website Development Toolkit – Unison Business Development Series

The Local Enterprise Office in Carlow will run a Website Development Toolkit training event on 22nd and 29th September. This course is a one-stop-shop for all things website and will be broken down into a simple guide covering everything from selecting domains to using DIY sites to writing a brief for a web designer.

Course Objective:

After completing this course participants will know how to select a hosting provider and purchase domains.

They will also know how to set up a content management system (CMS) website from scratch and maintain it using Weebly, Wix, Shopify (e-commerce).


DIY Website

  • Choosing your domain name and hosting provider
  • Choosing the correct platform for your eg. E-commerce etc.
  • Overview of popular content management system (CMS)


  • Important website content
  • Optimise your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO
  • Regularly create and publish quality content
  • Google Analytics

Website designer

  • Step by step guide to getting a new website designed
  • How to efficiently brief your website designer
  • Implement a website maintenance plan - never leave your website content go stale
  • Checklist provided to all participants to complete as we go through the course which will act as a personal roadmap, step by step guide and a checklist to ensure their very best website possible is achieved for their business based on the knowledge gained on the course and what will serve their unique enterprise best going forward

About the Trainer:
Carey-Ann Lordan of Red PR is a communications specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the public relations, marketing, event management, corporate coaching, training and communications industry. Red PR is a result driven communications company that has served our valued clients in the sports, food, hospitality, healthcare and retail markets for over 10 years.

NB - This is restricted to Carlow Participants only.

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