Wood Awards Ireland 2022 open for entries

Posted 22.09.22

Wood Awards Ireland 2022 invites registered architects,* designers, engineers, woodworkers, researchers, students and other practitioners to submit entries for this year’s awards. Wood should be the inherent medium of projects submitted and be sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Wood Awards Ireland (WAI) is organised by Forest Industries Ireland (FII) the forestry group in Ibec in partnership with the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland (RIAI) and Enterprise Ireland (EI) with support from the Forest Service, Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine. It promotes wood as a sustainable material in innovative projects in Ireland and overseas.


This year, entries are accepted in nine categories listed on the WMF website (www.wood.ie).

A.   Large-scale public buildings – emphasis on wood as a structural  and design component.  Architectural input from MRIAI  and/or RSUA registered members.

B.   Small-scale private buildings – emphasis again  on wood as a structural  and design component.  Architectural input from MRIAI  and/or RSUA registered members.

C.   International award – best overseas project in categories A-G (MRIAI or RSUA members, categories A-D).

D.   Restoration and conservation – buildings, furniture, boats, etc.

E.   Furniture: a) bespoke; and/or b) production – to cater for small craft and design outlets to larger production.

F.    Innovation and research. Including functional and non-functional work: Wood Local (local sourcing, processing and making); Wood Innovate (creative, sculptural, conceptual);  c) Wood Work (craft and related woodwork) ). Also Wood Research (research into new uses for wood and educational projects).


Third Level Student Awards

G.   Third Level Student Wood Awards – entries accepted from third level colleges in all categories (separate form)

Rotary Ireland Student Environment Award – entries accepted from  third level undergraduate college students in architecture, engineering, forestry



One application form per entry below (or download www.wood.ie), which should be accompanied by five photographs (not less than 2,00KB (2 MB) per image accepted in PDF or JPEG). All photographs must be saved to identify author,  project name and photographer in the file name. These may be produced in the catalogue of finalists (with photographer acknowledgement) published prior to the awards ceremony.

1.       Entries and photographs to be submitted online by email (info@wood.ie) by 7 October 2022. Each entry will require a separate application.


Find out more at the below link:


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