Argillà Italia - International Ceramics Festival & Market Fair | Call for Applications

Posted 18.12.19

Ireland has the honour of being the guest country at the ARGILLÀ ITALIA 2020 International Craft fair on September 4th, 5th and 6th 2020 in Faenza, Italy. 20 Irish ceramists will be selected by an international jury of professionals in artistic and traditional ceramics to participate in the International Craft Market-Fair within a dedicated ‘Country of Honour’ area in front of the MIC – International Museum of Ceramics, in Faenza. The 20 selected Irish ceramists will also to present their work in a special exhibition. A side programme of events, coordinated by ARGILLÀ ITALIA will be dedicated to the guest country.

DCCI, in collaboration with Ceramics Ireland and ARGILLÀ ITALIA, is supporting Irish ceramists in applying to exhibit at the International Craft Market Fair. We have negotiated that transport cost for sales items and exhibition pieces to the fair in Faenza will be covered and successful applicants from Ireland will not have to pay the registration fee.

ARGILLÀ ITALIA 2020 International Craft fair is held every two years in Faenza (Italy) during the first weekend of September. Since 2008 the city of Faenza has welcomed ceramists, artists and professionals, to participate in this long weekend festival dedicated to Ceramics. The 7th edition of ARGILLÀ ITALIA will host around 200 ceramists as exhibitors in the market-fair, in the town centre of Faenza.

ARGILLÀ ITALIA offers visitors the chance to explore the historic streets of Faenza and enjoy the displays of international exhibitors ranging from art, to sculpture, design, furniture, home decor items and fashion accessories. The Festival features many cultural events, like the Mondial Tornianti – Worldwide Potter’s Wheel Championship, exhibitions, night shows with spectacular open-air firings, workshops for children and artistic workshops. ARGILLÀ ITALIA is a leading festival of Ceramics in Europe: allowing ceramists unique opportunity to network internationally.

Deadline for applications is extended to 30 January 2020.

How to apply

Please visit the official website at to fill in the online application form or download it in .pdf format, or for application guidelines and further information about ARGILLA ITALIA. Registration fees are waived for successful applicants from Ireland.

Application criteria

In order to guarantee the high quality of the market-fair, the application forms received by the due deadline will be subject to a selection by an international jury of professionals in the world of artistic and handicraft ceramics.
EU exhibitors can apply as a ceramist, technical exhibitor, or institutional exhibitor.

Structures & Furniture

  • For ceramists admitted to the market-fair, stand structures and furniture will be available for rental, upon request.
  • Technical and institutional exhibitors are traditionally located in the area of Piazza del Popolo: in this area, for technical and organizational reasons, they will be required to use the rental stand structures (3×3 mt).
  • Stand structures and furniture is available for rental through an external contractor, costs approximately: €100 plus vat for a 3x3mt stand.

Additional information:

Travel costs to and from the airport and flights plus accommodation, etc., are the responsibility of each selected applicant. It may be possible to apply for support funding towards costs through your local authority, this would need to be done on an individual basis.

Application process for applicants outside of Ireland: If you do not reside in Ireland or are not selected with the group to exhibit at the MIC – International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza you can still apply to participate in the market fair. However please note that registration fees will apply, see below.

Registration Fees

Upon confirmation of acceptance to the market fair exhibitors will be invoiced for the registration fee:
€200 - for EU exhibitors who provide a VIES validated VAT number
€200 € + 22% VAT exhibitors not VAT registered or not VIES validated

Registration fee includes: electrical connection and electricity supply for the 3 market days.

Please email if you have any queries.

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