Call for Entries | Dublin Recycling On-the-Go Art Installation

Posted 26.11.19

Environmental charity Hubbub has joined forces with Dublin City Council and Coca-Cola Foundation to launch a behaviour change campaign which will introduce new on-street recycling facilities to Dublin City centre and encourage the public to use them correctly. The aim is to save plastic bottles and cans from landfill and create a recycling on-the-go culture.

This project will be the fourth of its kind following Hubbub’s previous campaigns in Leeds, Swansea and most recently Edinburgh. As part of this campaign Hubbub will be commissioning an art installation to provide a focal point and help communicate the campaign messages.

They are reaching out to artists, asking them to get in touch with their ideas.

In a nutshell:

  • Deadline for initial ideas: Sunday 15th December 2019
  • Campaign launch: March 2020
  • Campaign: a 5-month behaviour change campaign nudging people to recycle plastic bottles and cans in Dublin City centre to save valuable materials from going to waste
  • Brief: design an eye-catching art installation that will get people talking about the campaign
  • Budget: £8K

Please refer to this brief for full details of the campaign and what Hubbub is looking for in an installation. 

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