European Artistic Crafts Days 2018

Posted 20.02.18

As part of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland is inviting Guilds, Associations, Networks and Societies (GANS) and craft studios to participate in European Artistic Crafts Days 2018.

European Artistic Crafts Days (EACD) were created in 2002 upon the request of the French government to derive value from the nation’s enormous intangible assets as a way to highlight its living heritage.

They are organised by the National Institute of Arts and Crafts (INMA) in France. Due to the success of these days in France, they now take place across Europe on the first weekend in April with 20 European countries taking part in 2017, and have become a major international event dedicated to and celebrating crafts. In 2017, events took place in Paris, Lisbon, Berlin, Amsterdam, Florence and Geneva and many more areas. These cultural economic and tourism days brought together over 9,600 special events highlighting crafts in Europe. EACD offers the opportunity to learn more about our country and the regions in an original way that brings people together through the prism of the arts and crafts, sharing, exchanging, and learning through a dynamic sector from skilled craft makers in action.

Please see link for further information here.

The theme for 2018 is "Handing down tomorrow's heritage".

    The idea is to:

    - Send a strong message to the younger generation, putting forward links between traditional skills and new technologies, the use digital technologies to explain arts and crafts.

    - Raise young people's awareness for and claim for an education based on the contact with materials and the discovery of skills.

    - Foster and support projects that associate schools, using new customised processes and innovative ways of passing on skills and knowledge, such as collaborative workshops, virtual reality devices, games and fables.

If you are organising any events or have open studios, we will highlight them on the Craft in Ireland website here and the Craft in Ireland Facebook from 3rd to 8th April 2018

To register your event, please visit here.

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