Design a Collar, Ruff or Cuffs

Posted 02.03.21

DCCI are working with some GANS to develop projects in their communities as part of the “Keep Well” campaign in the Government’s Plan for Living with COVID-19, DCCI will focus on the campaign’s strand ‘Switching off and Being Creative’.

DCCI and the National Design & Craft Gallery are running a series of online videos, workshops and activities, involving Ireland’s designers, makers and member organisations - Guilds, Associations, Networks and Societies (GANS). As part of this campaign we have developed an online exhibition.

Collars, ruffs, lunula and torcs are universal forms of adornment that have been worn for generations. DCCI is inviting you to design a collar that is wearable, creative, inventive, innovative & contemporary in design, it can be made from any material i.e. silk, wool, cotton, linen, paper, wire, metal etc. or combined materials and can be created in any discipline utilising any techniques, be handcrafted or created using digital technologies.

Collaborations will be accepted i.e. a glass artist working with a lace maker; a basket maker with a milliner; a metalsmith with a feltmaker... the possibilities are endless. All entries will feature in an online exhibition, on DCCI's social channels and on the DCCI website Keep Well page. Collars must be photographed on a plain black background and submitted with the completed application form.

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