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Posted 17.12.19

International Kogei Award in Toyama offering €33,000* in awards plus the opportunity to collaborate with craftspeople in Japan 

Applications close 27 January 2020

Toyama Prefecture in Japan has launched the International Kogei Award in Toyama to create opportunities for networking and collaboration with craftspeople and makers across the world, and from there, to paint a new future vision for the world of craft. The awards are open to artists, craftspeople and designers aged 50 and under. It offers a prize pool of €33,000*, the opportunity to have work exhibited in Japan and to be invited to the exchange program and collaborative production program with local craftspeople and companies in Toyama in or after 2021. 

Entry to the International Kogei Award in Toyama is free and offers an exciting opportunity for makers to not only win monetary awards, but also have their work exhibited in Japan and be invited to collaborate with artists, craftspeople and designers in Japan.

Applications close on 27 January 2020 and are open to international and Japanese craftspeople. Full detail are below and here is a link to download images Also, a full press release is attached.

The International Kogei Award in Toyama aims to:

  • Comprehensively evaluate and encourage not only crafts, expressions and techniques, but also the ideas and efforts, strategies and practices, and future vision of each craftsperson.
  • Reconsider the fixed concept of traditional crafts once from an unbiased perspective, capturing the global trends in crafts world that are becoming borderless and cross-disciplinary more and more, and create international networks and collaboration opportunities, which will enable us to draw a future vision of crafts. 
  • To provide opportunities for many people to learn about the situation surrounding crafts and new trends of crafts through this award. 

Entry is free and open to craftspeople and makers around the world practicing KOGEI (artisan crafts), who are introducing the art created only by KOGEI, which consists of two elements inextricably connected - tradition and innovation.

Techniques and materials eligible to apply are: lacquerware, metalwork, casting, woodwork, handmade washi paper, ceramics, glass, leather, dyeing and weaving or combinations thereof. Other crafts maintained in each region of the world are also welcome to apply.


  1. Application period 
    1 October 2019 – 27 January 2020 
  2. Prize: 
    - Grand Prize (1 individual/group) 2,000,000 JPY (€16,500*) 
    - Excellence Award (1 individual/group) 500,000 JPY (€4,000*)
    - Honorable Mention Award (4 individuals/groups) 300,000 JPY (€2,500*)
    - Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Special Prize (1 individual/group) 300,000 JPY (€2,500*)
  3. Privilege 
    The Grand Prize-winning work will be added to the collection of the Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art and Design. Additionally, award-winners will be invited to the exchange program and collaborative production program with the local craftspeople and companies in Toyama in or after 2021. 
  4. Application method 
    Enter via the website:

For an application guide, visit

To find out more about the judges, visit

Award hosting Organization: International Hokuriku Kogei Summit

Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan

*Awards are given in Japanese yen. The EURO values are approximate equivalent values based on an exchange rate of 1 EURO to 120.6 JPY.  

Promotional images can be downloaded at

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