How we work with Media

The Design & Crafts Council Ireland (DCCI) aims to raise awareness of Irish craft and design in order to encourage interest in and demand for Irish craft products. Following the significant increase in consumer interest and awareness of Irish craft since Year of Craft 2011, we aim to build on those successes in order to ensure purchasers can appreciate, find and buy Irish craft. 

Raising awareness, understanding and appreciation of Irish craft and design is central to all activities across the organisation. We do this by developing strategic partnerships with media and other organisations for the promotion of Irish design and craft, helping to maximise opportunities for national and international media coverage by developing new and deepening existing partnerships.

We maintain communications and leverage promotional opportunities with contacts in order to ensure an enduring legacy. We promote Irish design and craft to specific audiences through targeted and customised communications through various media, seek out new potential opportunities through existing communications vehicles and educate on design and craft offerings around Ireland with regard to craft related experiences.

Please contact us should you require further information on design and craft in Ireland, or need Irish design and craft suggestions for editorial or if you require high resolution images for your feature.