International jury for the Global Irish Design Challenge announces selected entries

Posted 13.05.16

International jury for the Global Irish Design Challenge announces selected entries

Irish solutions addressing global challenges through innovative design

Innovative Irish work which aims to address societal, environmental and economic challenges will be showcased in Dublin this summer to highlight the strategic importance of design. The exhibiton marks the culmination of the Global Irish Design Challenge which was launched last year as part of Irish Design 2015 (ID2015).

The projects to be featured in the exhibition were selected by an international panel of high-profile design experts including Jay Osgerby of renowned British design studio Barber & Osberby, veteran Japanese designer Hideichi Misono who was formerly chief designer for Toyota and Ailbhe McNabola, Director of Policy and Research at the Design Council UK.

The Global Irish Design Challenge exhibition, which will be at The Coach House, Dublin Castle from June 15th to August 27th, is presented by the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland (DCCoI) in partnership with the OPW. The exhibition will feature over 50 diverse projects including:

  • THX.OBJ, a 3D printed garment that explores emergent ideas for the development of new printed textiles through the use of computation with 3D modelling to print textiles.
  • Connect,  a series of silver cups connecting found elements from the periphery of Ireland, challenging the boundaries of functional silver tableware
  • Éntomo, an online resource and emerging product line focusing on entomophagy (the practice of eating insects) that aims to educate Western cultures about the benefits of insects as a healthy, sustainable and exciting food source.
  • BloodCaptor, a novel blood collection device originally developed for the equine industry, which can accurately collect tiny (microliter) volumes of blood and create quantified dilutions for direct application to diagnostics so that almost any blood test can be run at the patient side.
  • Sense, a retrofitting device that can be incorporated into existing firefighting helmets which uses an ultrasonic, proximity sensor to provide the wearer with an improved perception of their environment and allow them to navigate around dark spaces.

The overal aim of the Global Irish Design Challenge is to celebrate and provide a platform for game-changing Irish design innovation, while activating and connecting a broad global network of design talent. It offers a unique opportunity to bring visibility to the exceptional levels of design and innovation taking place across the globe.

The Challenge was officially launched last August as part of the government-backed ID2015 initiative. It was actively promoted at key events in the extensive international programme for ID2015 and across the Irish Embassy network abroad with the aim of engaging as many internationally based designers as possible who have links to Ireland. Through the challenge, designers of Irish lineage, or those with a strong affiliation to Ireland, were invited to present products, projects and concepts with the potential to revolutionise the way we live and which responded to the core ID2015 themes of sustainability, wellbeing, sense of place and innovation.

A total of 142 online entries was received from 14 countries across the globe including the USA, Australia, Brazil, South Korea and Finland. Entries reflected the a broad range of disciplines, from interaction, motion, communication and service design through product, interior, craft, food and fashion to architecture and the built environment. Following the review and evaluation process, 54 submited entries were selected by the panel.

The selected work will be exhibited in Dublin from June 15th to August 27th at the Coach House, Dublin Castle which served as the Design Hub for ID2015, hosting a series of Irish and international exhibitions throughout the year-long programme in association with the OPW, the ID2015 venue partner. A small number of projects nominated for the exhibition will also be shown.

ID2015 was convened by DCCoI, in collaboration with partner organisations, on behalf of the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Enterprise Ireland. Karen Hennessy, Chief Executive of DCCoI said: “We are delighted to have seen such as huge level of interest in the Global Irish Design Challenge which celebrates Irish design and the ingenuity of designers with an Irish connection. Through the Challenge, we wish to create a strong vision and narrative of Ireland, positioning the country at the cutting-edge of design thinking and practice. We look forward to presenting the exhibition of work as one of a number of key legacies of last year’s extensive programme. It is imperative that we maintain momentum in order to reap the benefits of ID2015 and ensure the ongoing development of our vibrant design sector.”

A seminar entitled “Global Challenges – Design Solutions” is taking place at Dublin Castle to coincide with the opening of the Global Irish Design Challenge exhibition.  The seminar will feature a keynote presentation by Hideichi Misono former Chief of Design for Toyota.

Further information on the Global Irish Design Challenge, projects selected for inclusion in the exhibition and the “Global Challenges – Design Solutions” seminar  is available at: 

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Project selection for the Global Irish Design Challenge Exhibition:

  • earo - orchestral chair
  • The Visual Time Traveller
  • Designing Ireland TV series
  • Noticing Tools for NYSCI
  • Target Open House
  • Aran Ambitions
  • Connect
  • VIBE
  • Neighbourhood Furniture Factory
  • Looking for/through/with/amongst/beyond/around Content
  • Arc Devices
  • Logitech G
  • Tomra CUI
  • Anya
  • Arckit
  • Scriba
  • Sense: a concept which introduces tactile feedback into firefighting performances
  • Experiments in urban re-use, regeneration, culture and architecture in the Ravenna Docklands
  • Einstein 100
  • ESET Remote Administrator Console
  • Out of Box Experience – AccuChek
  • Origami Craft Pack and Storybook - Children's Creative Learning
  • ONEder board
  • BloodCaptor
  • The Story of Gin
  • Tullamore D.E.W. TRILOGY box
  • Craft Whiskey Distillery
  • Misery Matters
  • Titanic Hotel, Liverpool
  • Éntomo
  • Dust Matter (s)
  • Zero2020
  • Tailored/Sur Mesure
  • SteriPak
  • Immersion 2.0
  • Stride
  • ROY
  • Nano Filter
  • Float
  • Ray
  • Rotary EUS-FNA
  • EiraBot
  • Looking and Telling
  • Grow A Rascal
  • LittleBig bike
  • Tea with the Dead
  • Flint Table
  • Twist Chair
  • Seven Wood
  • FUNGO BIO - Biological mushroom campain
  • Micklem Bridle
  • 3D4 Medical
  • Arup Bangladesh Project

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About Irish Design 2015
In collaboration with partner organisations, DCCoI convened Irish Design 2015 (ID2015) on behalf of the Department of Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Enterprise Ireland. ID2015 was a year-long programme exploring, promoting and celebrating Irish design through signature events on the island of Ireland as well as in prestigious partner venues in international capitals of design and commerce throughout 2015 in order to drive job creation, grow exports and increase competitiveness. ID2015 partners included Founding Partners - MCO Projects; Accommodation Partners - The Doyle Collection; Venue Partners - OPW; Exhibition Partners – DAA; Transport Partners – Bus Éireann Expressway, Construction Partners – SISK, Technology Partners - IBM and Broadcast Partners - RTÉ.

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