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Call for proposals: Design and installation of furniture, Artwork and soft furnishings at the official residence of the permanent representative of Ireland to the united nations, New York

Closing Date 30.07.2024

The official accommodation of Ireland’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations is located in Manhattan, New York. The space will be used for representing Ireland, with visitors including Heads of State and Government received there. The space should reflect our values, as a country committed to multilateralism, sustainable development, international peace building and human rights. ​

Key considerations for project

The furniture used should be ethically made and sustainable. ​The soft furnishings should reflect the textures and colours of Ireland, whether that be the seascapes, ancient woodlands, rich pastureland, boggy meadows or hills.

The artworks should make a statement about Ireland’s role in the United Nations and the world, as well as reflecting Ireland’s rich historical, cultural and sporting heritage (e.g. literature, Irish language, traditional music, Gaelic Games etc).

The design should reflect an Ireland confident in both its past and its future, and confident in the world today, having taken its place ‘amongst the nations of the world’.

Project space background:

The apartment is a 42nd floor duplex measuring 3,861 sq.ft. The areas for treatment are the ‘Great Room’ which measures 22’7” by 36’3”​ and the ‘Den’ which measures 11’8’’ by 19’3’’. The space is currently painted white with light wood flooring and blacked framed glazing. No existing furniture will be retained.

Main requirements for the Great Room

  • A narrow-width dining table which can seat up to 20 guests, a soft seating area and side-tables​.
  • Given the range of events that may be hosted at the apartment (including stand-up receptions for up to 60), it is important that all furniture can be easily moved and stored, or reconfigured for different arrangements.
  • Side cabinets which can be used for storing state china and glassware and for serving refreshments are also required​.

The Great Room has double height (20 foot) ceilings and is fully glazed on two sides (North and East facing). ​

Main requirements for the Den

  • One three-seater sofa.
  • One armchair (or alternatively a wrap-around sofa)
  • coffee/side tables.

The Den has single height ceilings and is glazed on one side (North facing), and will combine as a small reception area and a family room.

Other items that will be required

Proposals must also include:

  • Soft furnishings.
  • Artwork. ​
  • Lamp lighting (ceiling suspended lighting is not required at this time)
  • Television or audio visual systems will be considered as part of the final design so any initial concept should bear this is mind.

Project budget and timeline

The project must be delivered by September 2024 and a budget of €200,000 is assumed. The full project costs, including shipping, installation and building etc. must be reflected in the cost proposal.

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