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Maker/designer required to design & create bespoke Craig Breen memorial trophy for Junior World Rally Championships

Closing Date 31.08.2024
Posted 17.06.2024

World Rally Championships are seeking a skilled artisan to create a bespoke trophy/commission piece in memory of the late great Craig Breen. This trophy will be awarded to a deserving participant in the Junior World Rally Championship, a series close to Craig’s heart. The creation process should also be documented to highlight the craftsmanship and dedication involved.

Design Requirements:



  • The artisan should propose three different potential designs for the trophy. These designs should capture the spirit and legacy of Craig Breen and the Junior World Rally Championship.
  • No specific design elements are required, allowing creative freedom in the proposals.
  • The choice of material is at the artisan’s discretion, though a brief explanation is appreciated.
  • No specific size or dimensions are mandated, but the trophy should be suitable for presentation and display.



  • The entire creation process should be documented. Preferred formats include video, and photography. This documentation will share the story behind the trophy with the broader rally community.

Budget and Timeline:


  • Please include a proposed budget for the trophy’s creation, including materials and labour.
  • Please let WRC know a timeline for the project. Having it ready for late August would be ideal to present it at the final round in Greece in early September.

Contact Information:

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