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DCCI Irish Design Week 2023 Programme

DCCI Irish Design Week Programme 2024

Irish Design Week 2023 explored how folklore and storytelling give insight into how to address some of the critical issues facing our society today.

This built on learnings from Irish Design Week 2022 of the crucial role design thinking plays in areas such as diversity, inclusion and mental health. Among the international design community, interest in storytelling, folklore and mythology has emerged as a strong theme to communicate ideas and concepts.

Monday 13th Nov, 2023

Tuesday 14th Nov, 2023

Wednesday 15th Nov, 2023

Thursday 16th Nov, 2023

Friday 17th Nov, 2023

Panel Discussion


Our Folklore.
Our Future.

Experience the immersive event where sustainability and personal brand align under the theme, “Is folklore the future?”

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About DCCI Irish Design Week 2023


Is Folklore The Future?

For 2023 DCCI Irish Design Week explores Ireland’s rich heritage of folklore and storytelling.

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Inclusivity by its very nature challenges norms and boundaries. It also asks us to broaden our minds and adapt to the unusual. Considering the crises we are facing in the next few decades, that is a skill set we are going to need more than ever.

Tom Watts

DCCI Head of Design | Programme Director