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2023 Winners

Celebrating the 2023 winners

Here’s the full list of award winners in the 2023 Irish Business Design Challenge

The prizes

The winners received €15,000 each and runners-up won €2,000 each, as well as free publicity and promotion, in recognition of the innovative and imaginative ways they are meeting the sustainability challenge.

Micro category

Westcountry Willows

2023 micro category winners Westcountry Willows is run by Kate and Alan Burrows who are full time basket and willow coffin makers and teachers. Since early 2023 they have started making natural willow coffins.


They create baskets and crafts using the materials that grow around them, including the willow they grow ourselves on their own land, and they offer workshops to teach these traditional techniques.

Common Knowledge

Common Knowledge, the 2023 micro category runner-up, was co-founded by Spider Hickman, Fionn Kidney, Erin McClure, and Harrison Gardner.


“We believe that by coming together to share basic skills, create useful resources, and connect as a community, we can bring more affordable, sustainable, and joyful homes into our lives—and hopefully also have a little craic along the way!”



2023 IBDC Highly Commended in the micro category – Ériu from County Wicklow. Ériu’s commitment to sustainability is embodied through partnerships with ethical farmers, and eco-friendly production methods, ensuring every product honours the earth and its communities.


Programmes such as the Irish Business Design Challenge shine a light on the innate creativity and innovation of Irish MSMEs. The last few years have taught businesses to be flexible and adapt quickly, which has been proven through this year’s Irish Business Design Challenge winners.

Neale Richmond

TD, Minister of State at the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment

Small category

The Factory

2023 small category winners The Factory. The Factory is Ireland’s leading eco-friendly printer and graphic design studio. Sustainable practices are at the heart of their values. They currently generate roughly 64% of their energy needs from wind and solar, with hopes to be fully energy self-sufficient by the end of 2024. 

The Natural Sleep Co.

2023 IBDC small category runner up – The Natural Sleep Co. – Co. Limerick. They’re committed to minimising their environmental impact through eco-friendly production methods and recyclable packaging, while also supporting local craftsmanship in Ireland.


Eurotech Renewables

2023 IBDC Highly Commended in the small category – Eurotech Renewables from Co. Monaghan. Eurotech Renewables has impressively saved 700,000 tonnes of carbon through their innovative projects. Committed to sustainability, they utilise cutting-edge technologies such as solar, wind, and geothermal energy to provide efficient and eco-friendly solutions.


Medium category

Farrell Furniture

IBDC 2023 Medium Category Winner – Farrell Furniture from Co. Louth.
Farrell Furniture stands out for their commitment to sustainability. From sourcing more eco-friendly materials to recycling and reducing their carbon footprint, they set an inspiring example in the industry.


Wren Urban Nest Hotel

2023 runner up in the Medium category – Wren Urban Nest Hotel in Dublin. Wren are the first net zero carbon hotel in Ireland.

They exemplify sustainability by operating without burning fossil fuels and utilising renewable energy sources. Wren are striving toward a zero waste kitchen, every little decision is made with the environment in mind.

This award proves, both internally and externally, that we are believers in sustainability. We want to become part of the circular economy, we want to reuse, repurpose and if necessary recycle.

Paul Farrell

Chief Executive, Farrell Furniture