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Success stories

Our graduates come from a wide range of backgrounds and from all over the world. Here’s what they say about their experience with our courses.

Ola Wartak-Tolak / Stories by Ola

Building a Craft and Design Enterprise Programme

“Taking part in this course has been a game-changer for my ceramics business. I’m so grateful for the expert guidance, support, and resources that have helped me grow my craft enterprise. From learning new business strategies to discovering effective marketing techniques, this experience has equipped me with the tools to take my passion for ceramics to new heights. The one-on-one mentoring sessions were fantastic, providing personalized advice and feedback that really made a difference. I feel more confident and prepared to tackle challenges and seize opportunities in my craft business. It was an incredible learning journey, and I’m excited to see the positive impact it will continue to have on my ceramics venture”

Claire Dooley

Building a Craft and Design Enterprise Programme


“The Building a Craft and Design Enterprise programme has helped me clearly define steps for business growth, providing practical and relevant information. It has greatly improved my time organisation and resource management, enabling me to maximise productivity. I am immensely grateful for the knowledge and skills gained, which have not only empowered me as an entrepreneur but also positioned my business for long-term success. The course instructors, experts in their respective fields, shared their wealth of knowledge, offering relevant case studies with guest speakers whose experiences resonated with my own journey. I highly recommend this course to aspiring craft and design entrepreneurs.   I am extremely grateful to the World Crafts Council Europe and Design and Crafts Council Ireland “

Theodora Lymboura

Building a Craft and Design Enterprise Programme

“I recently had the privilege of participating in the BCDE Programme, a transformative course offered in collaboration with the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland. The BCDE Programme consisted of comprehensive modules, each focusing on essential aspects of running a successful craft business. From understanding the core value propositions and identifying ideal customers to delving into accounting, growth planning, and pricing strategies, the course left no stone unturned it equipped us with the necessary tools to excel in the craft industry. My mentor, Hoda, deserves special recognition for her exceptional guidance and support. Additionally, Colm, our instructor, deserves commendation for his teaching approach. Connecting with fellow participants allowed us to share our visions, challenges, and triumphs, creating a supportive network that continues to inspire and uplift us. The knowledge and skills I gained have had a significant impact on both my business and my career prospects.”

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