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Minister Simon Coveney, Showcase 2023 - Large
DCCI Strategy

Building the future of Irish design through four strategic pillars

DCCI’s vision, mission and values feed into the objectives that are assigned across 4 strategic pillars – our main areas of focus in the coming years.

Pillar 1


Building capability and capacity to deliver resilient growth

Pillar 1 focuses on achieving resilient growth for craft and design enterprises through education and practical training, delivered by collaboration with key partners.


Top-level objectives

  • Raise the craft and design sectors’ capability and capacity
  • Preserve heritage and share best practices through collaboration across the sectors
  • Build resilient growth with active and relevant mentoring for clients
  • Clearly define partnerships with Enterprise Ireland and Local Enterprise Offices

How we're delivering on this pillar

Pillar 2


Championing design across Ireland

Pillar 2 focuses on embedding design more deeply in society and the economy, to achieve better opportunities for the design sector and increase its impact.


Top-level objectives

  • Increase awareness of the benefits of problem solving through design thinking in the public and private sectors
  • Grow the participation of the design sector with DCCI
  • Display ownership for the design agenda in Ireland with an emphasis on delivering and communicating economic returns, and shaping future policy through the application of broad design innovation
  • Target meaningful impact, putting the designer’s success at the core of decision making under this pillar

How we're delivering on this pillar

DCCI Showcase – Ireland's Creative Expo® 2023.
Pillar 3


Leading and demonstrating sustainability

Pillar 3 focuses on sharing craft and design’s intrinsic role in delivering the sustainability agenda across the public and private sectors.


Top-level objectives

  • Advocate for design thinking as a key element for solving sustainability issues in the public and private sectors
  • Market craft skills to consumers as sustainable practices and craft output as examples of the circular economy, quality and buying local to boost commercial demand
  • Help members and clients adopt innovative sustainable practices such as carbon foot printing and origin assurance, as well as zero waste policies and best practice in green marketing

How we're delivering on this pillar

Pillar 4


Future-proofing DCCI

The Common Enabler focuses on meeting the required elements of DCCI’s infrastructure, resourcing and governance to deliver the full potential across main pillars.


Top-level objectives

  • Develop staff through training and capabilities enhancement, as well as completing appropriate recruitment oriented towards successful strategy delivery and building momentum across craft and design sectors’ activities
  • Update IT infrastructure to serve members and clients more efficiently, including new CRM system and development of eCommerce platforms
  • Engage ongoing advisory services to embed change and deliver on the full potential of the strategy

How we're delivering on this pillar

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