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DCCI Mission, Vision and Values

Championing and developing the Irish design and craft industry

Design & Crafts Council Ireland (DCCI) is a national agency that champions and supports the development of design and craft in Ireland. At the heart of our work are our mission, vision and values, which guide our strategic priorities and activities. They inform our role in promoting excellence, innovation and sustainability in the design and craft sector.
Our Vision


By 2030, the craft and design sectors will have increased their contribution to Ireland, economically, socially and culturally


Through the Council’s meaningful partnership across craft and design sectors:

  • There is resilient growth for the sectors in national and international markets.
  • The value of design is embraced in the business community and public sector through commercial investment.
  • Ireland proudly values craftsmanship and engages with its ongoing development.
Our Mission


As the national agency for craft and design, we will support designers and makers to develop their businesses in a sustainable way and advocate for the societal benefits of craft and design

  • In partnership with relevant public bodies, we will work with craft and design enterprises of all ambition levels to strengthen their businesses and build the sectors’ capabilities and capacity.
  • Articulate the role of craft and design in shaping Ireland’s future, and champion skills and heritage.

  • Promote the impact of Ireland’s craft and design through national and international platforms, and advocate for its sustainability and quality.

  • Evidence the sectors’ economic and cultural impact.

DCCI FutureMakers 2022
Our Values


In living these values, we’ll emphasise the centrality of the user and the value of craft and design in developing and sustaining a fulfilled life

  • Impact: We will provide leadership to the sectors and drive activity and meaningful impact with purpose.

  • Ambition: We will strive to achieve the best outcomes, and we’ll embrace informed risk to drive progress.

  • Integrity: We will build trust through our actions and operate with transparency.

  • Collaboration: We will act as one diverse community, supporting each other.
Pillars and Objectives

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