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Hail Thee - We Come in Reveries of Change

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6:30 pm

Connemara designer and creative director Alison Conneely will present Hail Thee: We Come in Reveries of Change, her acclaimed project in partnership with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), in Dublin, as part of DCCI Irish Design Week 2023.

The project, which includes nine artists, is cross-cultural and multidisciplinary and highlights global campaigns for reproductive rights, justice and equality for women: In their bodies; in the home; in the workplace; in the arts; saluting their place in myth and history and their role as agents of resolution in global crisis.

In Alison Conneely’s mammoth tapestry, set in the ancient bog of Derrigimlagh in Connemara, a female figure rises from the lily bed pond calling us to action. The theme of this year’s design week, how we use ancient mythology, folklore and storytelling as a basis for design thinking, runs throughout these works.

Colours and symbols in delicate silk invoke ancient myths, poetic imaginings, indigenous wisdom and the migrant’s crossing in a series of silk banners created with international artists – Dolorosa de la Cruz, Alannah Davey, Rachel Fallon, Rosa Farahini, Jahnavi Inniss, Jesse Jones, Hina Khan, Alice Maher, Paula McGloin & Isabel Nolan.

Composer & musician Nina Hynes has crafted a soundscape, creating an immersive experience through a sonic response to the work. Anthropologist Sara O’Rourke has responded to the works in creative prose inspired by mythology and folklore.

Special Guests


Alison Coneeely | Emma Dabiri | Annie Fletcher, IMMA | Rosemary Steen

Special Thanks To


Irish Georgian Society DCCI Design Week 2023

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  • Advanced booking required

  • Suitable for all audiences

  • Wheelchair accessible

  • Capacity: 100

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