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A Nation on Display: Landscapes, Luxuries & Legacies in the construction of a new folklore of Irish Design

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5:00 pm

This design history event explores the creation of new folklores of Irish design through the mechanism of display. Three speakers will convene to present their research into Irish design history to discuss the role of design history in creating a new folklore of Irish design.

Join Muireann Charleton, ATU lecturer in design, and PhD candidate at Kingston University, London, Dee Maher Ring, PhD candidate at TU Dublin, and Angela Mehegan, PhD candidate at TU Dublin who will present themes of Irish twentieth-century design, taste, national identity, oral testimonies, landscapes, craft, and exhibitions.

Archival research and oral history’s valuable role in understanding Irish material culture will be explored. Valuing the voice of designers, craftspeople, and consumers in the study of design that affects them, will be discussed as a method of design history.

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  • No advanced booking required
  • Suitable for all audiences

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