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Irish Design Week Vision Quest with Climate KIC

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2:30 pm
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Join us on a creative journey to imagine food system futures and the place of design in agriculture.

With revolutionaries coming face-to-face with the system, this event will shed light on the reality of today’s agricultural policies as lived by land, culture and enterprise stewards.

To achieve a climate-neutral future, we need to re-design how we feed ourselves. We need the food on our plates to be grown, transported, cooked and composted in ways that produce less emissions and support more wildlife, as well as livelihoods. We also need our visions of food system futures to be bright, ambitious and irresistible. To get there, how much can we learn from our past? Join us for a panel discussion on how we meet the challenges of today’s agriculture head on by combining old wisdom with cutting edge on-farm practices. Stay to explore future visions of our food systems in a break-out workshop set by Climate KIC.


The invited audience will consist of creatives drawn from Ireland’s impressive array of talent, alongside leaders from Creative KIC, a Knowledge and Innovation Community designed to strengthen and transform Europe’s Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI) by connecting creatives and organisations to Europe’s largest innovation network.

Special Guests Include:

Saskia Visser, Cluster Lead, Resilient and Climate-Neutral Regions, EIT Climate KIC (host)
Randal Plunkett, Dunsany Nature Reserve.
Bruce Thompson, 8th generation Dairy Farmer.
Joanne Sheahan, Senior Advisor Sustainability and Climate Action, Enterprise Ireland.
Clodagh Doyle, Keeper of the Irish Folklife Collection, National Museum of Ireland.

Session Supporters:
Tessa Finch, EIT Climate KIC
Aleksandra Goldys, EIT Climate KIC
Molly Garvey, creative facilitator

Watch Highlights from Irish Design Week Vision Quest with Climate KIC

We have been closely working with Irish stakeholders through interviews and workshops to gather their views on barriers and opportunities, but also to map the steps needed to realise Ireland’s ambition of becoming a global leader in sustainable agri-food systems. Now we are diving into the next phase of the Deep Demonstration, by activating a portfolio of innovation solutions across seven flagship areas. This will help us verify, rapidly and at scale, what works and what doesn’t, going through iterations of testing, validation, and learning with partners in the entire value chain

Saskia Visser

I don’t own this place. Nobody in my family ever owned Dunsany. Part of the duty is that you must always maintain and protect; we are caretakers of history. Every family is a tapestry upon which each member leaves their individual mark. Some marks are bolder than others, but we’re all part of that tapestry. And each of us makes our own imprint through something modern.

Randal Plunkett

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  • Advanced booking required

  • Suitable for all audiences

  • Wheelchair accessible

Our industry really needs to step up and put resources into the inter-dependance of environment, animal health, social and economic aspects of animal agriculture.

Bruce Thompson

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