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Our Sustainability Initiatives

Championing sustainable design

DCCI aims to promote and highlight the role craft and design play in delivering sustainability across the public and private sectors. Sustainability has long been in our DNA but it is now built into our strategy, forming one of 4 key pillars set out in our development plan.

We are committed to leading by example

As well as incorporating sustainability into our daily business practices, we also:

  • Advocate for design thinking as a key element in solving sustainability issues
  • Market craft skills to consumers as examples of sustainable practices
  • Help our members adopt sustainable practices from zero waste to green marketing

Design Week 2023 had sustainability as a central theme

It also featured the first Circular by Design Innovation Festival, in partnership with NCAD and Creative Futures Academy.

Design Week
Circular by Design focused on the textile industry, attracting huge interest from the design community as well as established industry players.
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Irish Business Design Challenge

The Irish Business Design Challenge (IBDC) rewards businesses that actively pursue sustainability in their products, services or strategies.

With a total prize fund of €50,000, the challenge is open to micro, small and medium-sized businesses that can demonstrate their sustainability credentials.

Winners are selected based on whether they have added value, repurposed products, developed eco-friendly processes, improved efficiency or solved societal or environmental problems through sustainable design.

Each of these companies highlighted a deep understanding of how design thinking can be used to increase a business’s efficiency and the impact this can have on an economic and environmental level.

Suzy O’Keefe

Head of Digital and Communications at DCCI

Irish Business Design Challenge

We are committed to sustainability in our daily business practice. From the use of eco-friendly print materials and vegetable inks to event stands made of compostable cardboard, we seek sustainable and recyclable solutions where possible.


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