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Member organisation (GANS)

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Guilds, associations, networks and societies (GANS) can apply for DCCI membership as an organisation.

Member organisations play a key role in DCCI activities and are instrumental in informing its strategic plans for developing the design and craft sector. As well as meeting with DCCI several times a year, they also have voting rights at the annual general meeting (AGM). 

As a direct result of being included, my work has been selected for national and international shows with other Portfolio members in Belgium, Germany and England. The UK gallery, Cavaliero Finn, chose my work from Portfolio at their visit to the ‘Surface Matters’ exhibition in Dublin.

Cecilia Moore


GANS can also: 

  • Apply for DCCI supports and services
  • Attend DCCI’s annual general meeting
  • Nominate a candidate to the board of directors
  • Vote candidates on to the board of directors
  • Avail of financial support 
  • Get professional development support 
  • Benefit from other supports

For more information contact [email protected]

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