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What We Do

Design & Crafts Council Ireland is the national agency for craft and design in Ireland, we support designers and makers to develop their businesses in a sustainable way, and advocate for the societal benefits of craft and design. DCCI’s activities are funded by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment via Enterprise Ireland.


We provide a range of programmes, supports and services for designers and craftspeoplelearners and enthusiastsretailers and galleristsshoppers and collectorsmedia and partner organisations in order to raise the standard and profile of Irish design and craft.

Further information can be found in our industry and annual reports which are available to download from the publications section of our website.

Our Service Charter

DCCI is committed to providing a positive customer experience to all those who interact with us. As a current or potential customer (i.e. member of the public, registered client or membership organisation) of DCCI you can expect us:

  • To provide relevant and timely information and services.
  • To treat all current or potential customers courteously, at all times being fair, polite, respectful and professional.
  • To consult our customers regularly to obtain constructive feedback on our services.
  • To act promptly and efficiently in our dealings with customers, being clear about what action will be taken and when.
  • To adhere to quality and procedural guidelines – they exist to ensure good practice and are for the benefit of both customers and staff.





  • To ensure our staff are professional in their work practices.
  • To ensure that any communications in writing or by email in Irish are responded to in Irish, in line with our obligations under the Official Languages Act 2003. In adherence to this Act, DCCI also publishes its core documents, i.e. its Annual Report and financial statements, in both Irish and English.
  • Follow our activities and news on the following social media platforms:
    DCCI on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

We ask DCCI customers:

  • To treat our staff courteously, at all times being fair, polite and respectful.
  • To give us feedback and inform us of positive experiences or any difficulties that may arise.
  • To remember that DCCI will not accept abusive language or threats to our staff and will take appropriate action if these occur.

Feedback on our service:

At the Design & Crafts Council Ireland we value your feedback as we want to provide you with the highest level of service possible. Your constructive feedback, positive or otherwise, will assist us in evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of our programmes in meeting the needs of the design and craft sector.  If you would like to comment on our performance, make us aware of a problem, submit a complaint, make a suggestion, or offer praise to a staff member for a job well done, please let us know.

If anything you have experienced has had a positive impact, please share that experience with us.  Positive feedback helps us to promote the beneficial aspects of the service we provide and to understand what is valuable to our customers. Please send your comments to [email protected].

If any aspect of the Design & Crafts Council Ireland’s service falls short of your expectations or if you have a complaint, please let us know.  In this instance, your first point of contact should be the Head of the function you have been dealing with. You should advise them of your concerns by email or by telephone – for contact details and information on our functions, please visit our team page here. The Head of the relevant function will discuss your concerns with you.  If you remain unhappy, you can make a formal complaint by writing to the Design & Crafts Council Ireland.









  1. Complaints relating to the Design & Crafts Council Ireland’s service must be made in writing (or equivalent) within one month of the date the alleged incident occurred and must provide the details of the complaint.
  2. Letters of complaint will be acknowledged within 10 working days of receipt.

The complaint will be investigated by the appropriate member of the Design & Crafts Council Ireland’s Senior Management Team (i.e. the Heads of each function and the Chief Executive). A written response to the complaint will be provided within 20 working days (four working weeks) from the date that the Design & Crafts Council Ireland receives your complaint.

Contact details for submitting feedback in writing:
Feedback, Design & Crafts Council Ireland, Castle Yard, Kilkenny.

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