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Public Services

DCCI provides a range of programmes, supports and services for designers and craftspeople, learners and teachers, retailers and galleristsshoppers and collectorsmedia and partner organisations in order to raise the standard and profile of Irish design and craft.

Becoming a registered client or membership organisation of DCCI gives you the opportunity to avail of the many support and development programmes that DCCI has to offer. Details on how to register with us are outlined on the DCCI website.

Details of call outs for applications for DCCI support and development programmes, including application timelines, any associated costs and selection processes, are posted throughout the year on the Opportunites section of our website.

DCCI’s support programmes are also outlined in the Supporting SMEs Online Tool, a cross-governmental guide to help small businesses know which of the over 80 Government business supports from 27 different Government Departments, Agencies and Initiatives could possibly fit their business.