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Helena Golden Willow Woman

  • Discipline Basketry
  • Price Range Under €25, €26-€50, €51-€100, €101-€250
  • Products I weave Willow Shopping Baskets, Bicycle Baskets, Outdoor Planters, Willow Clock, Statement Log Baskets, Flower Vases / Plant Pots, Wreaths, Bird Feeders and seasonal decorative items. I also weave living willow structures including fedges (fence-hedge)
  • Materials Willow, Birch, Moss, Bark and natural seasonal items depending on availability eg acorns, pine cones, chestnuts, lichen.
  • Runs Courses Yes
  • Made Local Yes

Made Local Basketry

Made Local workshop
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Made Local, Made to Last.

Made Local has launched for the third year in a row, with a new nationwide campaign ‘Made Local, Made to Last’.

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