Design & Crafts Council Ireland (DCCI) recognise the critical role that education and training play in the future growth of Irish craft and in the preservation of our cultural heritage. DCCI works as an independent service provider and together with other education providers facilitates the development of education and training programmes to meet the needs of the crafts sector, both current and future. DCCI's education strategy is to develop knowledge and skills in craft for emerging and current craftmakers, and to contribute to the growth of a high-quality, design-led, sustainable craft industry. DCCI believes that developing the appropriate knowledge and skills of Irish craft makers through a range of targeted education initiatives will help in the continued development of quality design and craftsmanship. We work towards increasing awareness of craft and design as a strong career choice by initiating education and training programmes for children, students, teachers and craft makers that involves authentic, creative engagement. We advance knowledge and skills by leveraging the following services and programmes:

DCCI’s Ceramics Skills & Design Course  

Our two year intensive skills based programme located in Thomastown, Co.Kilkenny specialises in production skills, clay and glaze technology, kiln theory and operation, surface treatments, drawing and design, the history of ceramics and contemporary practice.  This extremely successful course has established an excellent reputation in the industry both nationally and internationally for developing the knowledge and skills required to support quality and innovation in design and production. | Facebook | 

DCCI’s Jewellery and Goldsmithing Skills & Design Course  

Our Jewellery and Goldsmithing Skills & Design Course is the only programme in Ireland which specialises in the tradition of working with precious metals and gemstones, equipping graduates with the practical skills needed to develop careers in the jewellery industry in Ireland and internationally. This two year programme located at DCCI’s headquarters in Kilkenny City specialises in the tradition of precious metals and gemstones, covering design, production techniques and manufacture.  | Facebook | 


Future Makers Awards & Supports 

DCCI’s annual Future Makers Awards & Supports programme rewards the next generation of creative makers, providing support for development of an exciting career in the design and craft industry. The programme funds research, training, residencies, exhibitions, studio development and more. This initiative promotes and distinguishes imaginative use of skills and excellence in design for creative students and recent graduates of full-time craft based studies at a critical stage in their career. It provides support for the next generation of makers to learn, experience, investigate, develop, create and shape the future of Irish craft. | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |

National Design & Craft Gallery   

Established by the Design & Crafts Council Ireland in 2000, the National Design & Craft Gallery is Ireland’s leading centre for contemporary craft and design. Open to the public and with free admission its commitment to excellence and innovation allows it to showcase some of the finest examples of contemporary craft. 

Tours: A visit to the National Design & Craft Gallery will provide your group with an enjoyable and inspirational way of learning more about art, craft and design. All ages are welcome to book their free tours, from schools, primary to third-level and other group audiences; each gallery tour is tailored to suit your groups' age and ability. All welcome, please contact to discuss tour booking in advance.

Families: The National Design & Craft Gallery education staff host a diverse and exciting range of Family Day Workshops throughout the year, which explore the current exhibitions through playful experimentation with materials, techniques and ideas. Once a month they invite young makers and their families to the National Design & Craft Gallery to take part in a hands-on craft workshop that begins with a tour of the gallery, specially designed to get you in the mood for creating. See the website for details and to book in advance.

Conference/Seminars/Talks: Sometimes the best way to understand work is to listen to the artist explain their thinking and making processes. It gives a unique insight and an opportunity to ask questions, so the National Design & Craft Gallery have a vibrant programme of talks by artists, designers or exhibition curators throughout the year. Also relevant seminars and conferences run in association with the National Design & Craft Gallery may be on offer, see the website for further details | Facebook | Instagram

For further information on any of the above or for any DCCI education queries please email