The Design & Crafts Council Ireland continues to work in partnership with key government departments, agencies and associations in the development and implementation of programmes for the design and craft sector.

These include the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation, Enterprise IrelandFáilte Ireland, Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs), Irish Local Development Network (ILDN), Leader companies, Western Development Commission (WDC), National University of Ireland Maynooth (NUIM) and our own membership organisations as well as working with Craft Northern Ireland

We are developing a network of clusters with relevant partners to support the growth and development of the design and craft sector sector, including cultural mapping on a regional basis in partnership with a committee of Leader companies, developing an infrastructure of creative hubs that provide facilities, networks and services for existing and emerging design and craft collectives. We are also working on developing links to industry and expertise that will foster the innovative development and potential of the design and crafts sector and undertaking research to identify industry expertise, equipment and facilities.

We engage in partnerships with industry, third level partners and organisations to develop cross-sectoral projects and develop the design and craft sector’s potential to access finance for research and development (R&D) through innovation vouchers. We are working towards developing a mechanism for DCCI that will assist in building the organisation’s capacity to access EU funding for the benefit of clients and the design and craft sector. Furthermore we wish to continue to develop links through existing EU programmes and the World Crafts Council (WCC) that will enable greater mobility, access to information and development of export markets for Irish design and craft. We hope to manage current and future EU programmes such as INNOCRAFTS and the Leonardo Partnership programmes including Leargas' European Shared Treasure (EST) and drive policy research in the area of SME internationalisation and networking. We also gather EU data and links on new technology and innovation relevant to the sector. 

We will continue to work closely with Enterprise Ireland and the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation to deliver our commitments to the Action Plan for Jobs and to provide practical and effective supports that benefit the design and craft sector as a whole.