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Illuminations: Holger Strøm

17.11.2023 to 02.03.2024
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DCCI Gallery

Design & Crafts Council Ireland (DCCI) presents two new exhibitions, Illuminations: Selected works of Holger Strøm and Cartoon Saloon as part of DCCI Irish Design Week 2023.

The IQ (Interlocking Quadrilaterals) light™ system celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, having been invented by Danish designer Holger Strøm during his residency at the Kilkenny Design Workshops.

Originally created for a Christmas display using triangular modules, the design evolved into a modular system based on a rhomboid shape that could harness the necessary tension needed to hold the lamps together.

This single shape linked together allows for the construction of lamps in various shapes and sizes.

Through the 70s it was manufactured by Kilkenny Illuminations Ltd, who sold around 20,000 lights worldwide.

Curated by Steven McNamara

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