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Meet... Megan Nolan Walsh

Posted 12.04.2024

Megan Nolan Walsh’s career has spanned from the world of weaving. Born and raised in Dublin, she studied textiles in the National College of Art and Design, where she began to develop her creative practice. During her BA degree, she travelled to Norway to study for a year at the University of Bergen in the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design.

Megan uses weaving as a medium to create her clothing designs, using the geometric shapes to create lush patterns that she turns into wearable pieces. She often uses embroidery to add extra texture and vibrancy to her creations. She is inspired by bright colours, flora and fauna, and woven structures.

Through her designs, she aims to inspire self-expression, connection, and joy.

So depending on the day but this is usually my weekly job. I come in and check my website for orders then I get the orders ready for shipment, in the mean time I get some stock ready for the shops I’m stocked in. Then bak to the laptop with new season for a new collection! Throughout the year I’m constantly gathering research by images and fabric samples I get out on my day to day so by then I start to piece things together slowly. I originally studied textiles and weaving so my favourite thing for designing is photoshop!

I would say do it! I always found school and college hard, & always found it difficult to be under someone and being told what to do but was always scared of what may happen or how hard it might be be to work for myself. Once I got the push I needed it was life changing. I love being my own boss, even though it has its hard times(like everything else) I find it very fulfilling. There's so much help out there and the support is amazing. if there's more of us then it will create a bigger better community too because we're all here to help each other!!

Megan Nolan Walsh

How I go about finding my inspiration for my work is my day to day life in Dublin, Ireland. I enjoy collecting images of my city and also when I’m away somewhere on staycation. I love going to museums and old buildings and seeing traditional Irish design that may have been forgotten and what I could use for my design inspiration.

For example, my harp scarf is inspired by the collins barracks coin collection and the central bank. As well as being a designer I’m a Dj and run events/parties so I’m always on the look out for people wearing cute clothes in the club or clothes they wear at a bar and what I could make to fit into nightlife.

I’d say this cute doggie candle I got in Copenhagen this year. I got it during a work trip and fell in LOVE its made by

What’s the first thing you do when you leave the studio?


If it’s nice out I’ll walk home and try meet friends for some wine or stop at my local grocer and get some yummy bits for dinner. If it’s gross out I’ll go to the gym or get the Luas straight home!

Favourite author /​ book?

Funny enough I love Megan Nolan haha even though we have the same name. I love Acts of desperation by her! the way she writes is very intriguing.

How do you switch off?

So many things help me switch off, going to the gym, finding new music and cooking!
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