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Meet MJ Jacob

Posted 04.06.2024
Meet our Members

Meet MJ, the designer, artist, and educator behind Mad Jessie. With a knack for innovation and a passion for sustainability, she orchestrates a diverse array of workshops, mural installations, and the design of eco-friendly outdoor accessories.

MJ creates bespoke artworks and designs that captivate and inspire. Drawing inspiration from her unique lifestyle aboard a sailboat, MJ’s work reflects the beauty of the natural world, evident in her mural artwork and sustainable product line. MJ also designs and facilitates workshops tailored for all ages.

From commissioned pieces to curated collections, MJ’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and eco-conscious practices shines. Explore the world of Mad Jessie with MJ at the helm, where creativity and sustainability converge.

A typical day in the studio usually starts before I even get to my tiny box office. I get up with the sunrise on my small sailboat, and I bring my wee dog for her morning walk, as I go through the coming day in my head. Typically there will be some office admin, although my favourite days include a lot of making. So in actual fact, there is no such thing as a typical day for Mad Jessie!

I might design a new product such as the Stripy Hat or a draw a new Sustainable Snuzzle pattern, I could be testing or designing a workshop programme for a school, business or other organisation, or I could be there running the workshop. I could be designing a sketch for a new mural artwork, or collaborating with another business.

Some days can start at eight in the morning and end at 11 at night, and other days can be five hours long depending on the season and the amount of work I have to do. On a good day I will finish with a walk or swim or both if I’m really lucky and then I go home to my cosy little boat where I sit on my couch watching series or listening to music and embroidering the night away.

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MJ Jacob

Mad Jessie

There are two aspects that I like most about my work. The first is, and I think I always will be, my customers. I love to connect with the people I work for and with, as they are at the centre of what I do, it’s all about them. So I love connecting with them, hearing from them, and developing relationships through social media and email. It’s one of the bigger joys of my work.

The other is the creativity. I think being creative is an intrinsic part of who I am, and I will always work a little bit harder and a little bit more than is expected of me if I can, because I just want to make things better and more beautiful. I just want to keep pushing myself to become a better creative every day and I think that is one of the things I like the most about the type of work I do.

Oh my gosh I have so many and I think it is so important to support local and by local artists things. My favourite item at the moment is this gorgeous mug that I bought went on a trip kindly organised and funded by the Local Enterprise Office where we did a research trip to Paris with a group of creatives from Waterford.

The piece I found was in this gorgeous little gallery concept store, called Imprints, where I found a beautiful little mug with a rabbit pirate hand painted on it, and I just had to have it for my boat. I now drink my morning coffee in this gorgeous little mug by Isabelle Pons.

What do you like least about your work?


I suppose like many creatives I’m not a big fan of bookkeeping and I find it very difficult to do my tax returns, but one of the things I find most difficult is networking, and I know it’s a silly thing to say but I love talking to people and I love meeting new people but sometimes I can get a little overwhelmed!

How do you switch off?

I put on some music from New Orleans, turn the volume up, and dance!

How do you start your day?

With a hot cuppa, and a walk.

What’s the first thing you do when you leave studio?

Walk the dog!
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