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Meet the Maker: Dave Keane

Posted 26.02.2024
Meet the Maker

Dave is a part-time woodworker/maker. He designs and makes products from a mini self-build workshop in the lovely coastal town of Tramore in Co. Waterford. Dave makes furniture, spoons, and decor. His furniture is inspired by the arts and crafts or shaker style, but he does like to sprinkle in other styles too.

Dave loves the natural appeal of wood and tries to keep a rustic theme or accent also. Dave is self-taught mostly and constantly tries new techniques and methods. He is a big fan of refurbishing and reusing old period hand tools, as they are built to last. He keeps an eye out for wood to reclaim as he believes strongly in reducing waste and reusing materials.

Every project for me is a little different. One day could be a bench or table the next could be a Kumiko panel. It’s a small space so it needs to be carefully managed that usually goes out the window when the shavings start flying and I get into the swing of things.

⁠Do it as early as possible as the beginning is not easy. Keep practising and keep trying new things.

Dave Keane

Keane Woodcraft

The challenge of a new project or solution that allows me some creative expression.

It’s still almost something that can provide me the life I really want so I still need to have a regular job before the jump can be made.

What other maker in your discipline do you most look up to?

Mike Petkovich

What advice would you give someone who is considering this craft career?

Do it as early as possible as the beginning is not easy. Keep practising and keep trying new things.

What’s your favourite craft item in your home?

I love my wardrobe its the most recent project and I feel I did everything as well as possible. There are four matching hand made doors. I planned the project and completed the job in a weekend and finishes the master bedroom so well.
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