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Meet the Maker: Hannah McGrenera

Posted 26.03.2024
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Hannah’s love of ink drawings and jewellery making inspired her to start Saw Framed in November 2019. Hannah’s contemporary unisex sterling silver jewellery is handmade in her workshop in Bishopstown Co. Cork.

Hannah is originally from Taiwan, and that influences her designs, her jewellery is a celebration of being different, creative and a love for everyday objects – like miniature sculpture. Her pieces are made to be worn everyday as well as special occasions. The jewellery is fun to wear, yet timeless in form with playfulness to connect people through their emotions, to make it personal.

Quality, unique design and style are the key features of Hannah’s work. Given her Taiwan heritage, she feels this gives her silver jewellery a unique and authentic style.

Everyday are different but typically I wake early at 7am before everyone, I would walk into my studio with a hot cup of tea in my dressing gown and just take it all in, plan ahead for the day. I keep a studio diary and I would check what has been done and what needs to be catch up. Then generally I start the physical work from 9am. If I am filling whole sale orders I would be batch making so those days would be intensive on my hands and shoulders, I would try to balance by going for a brisk walk during breaks; I tend to leave ‘making’ day without any interruption from zoom calls or other things so I can focus, listen to podcasts but my hands does not stop. On days I am doing disconnect things would be like check my emails & website orders, packing and sending, stocktake and replenishment… there are always paperwork to do, opportunity to apply, people to catch up. I have a clean station and a fire station.


Clean station is for thinking/planning/drawing/laptop and packing. Fire station is the dusty area where jewellery are made from start to finished, from piercing, soldering, filing, sanding, to polishing. I try not to mix my fire station day to clean station day really. As I am inspired by everyday living, I tend to do my research outside of studio, it always happens when I least expected. I would drink and eat in my studio, its a habit I created for working from home, otherwise, its easily to start doing something in the house and not returning to studio.

Just go for it, no one knows everything as a start up and you will forever learning and growing. Seek help, support and advise whenever is available.

Hannah McGrenera

Saw Framed

Creativity and mindfulness from making with hands.

Balancing act with owning a business and being a mom/wife.

How do you switch off?

I used to travel a lot to foreign countries that I don’t speak the language to give my mind a switch from daily routine. Now days I would walk it off listen to Podcast; binge watch Netflix and Meeting friends.

What advice would you give someone who is considering this craft career?

Just go for it, no one knows everything as a start up and you will forever learning and growing. Seek help, support and advise whenever is available.

What’s your favourite craft item in your home?

Charlie Mahon’s love heart mug, I use it everyday and it brings me such joy.
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