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Meet Tracy Higgins

Posted 02.07.2024
Meet our Members

Wired Irish Crafts was set up by the husband and wife team, Tracy & Douglas Higgins. Their mission is to help eliminate the issues associated with traditional candles. They focus on providing eco-friendly candles using sustainable and reusable vessels with a zero waste policy.Wired Irish Crafts’ products have eliminated candle tunneling, prevented evaporating fragrance and significantly reduced candle sooting.

This provides customers with a true candle experience, emphasising value for money and sustainability. Their studio offers customers with hands-on experience in candle making and showcases their extensive range of unique natural fragrances and sustainable, refillable vessels, including coconut and bamboo bowls. They also provide in-house candle making workshops.

My day starts by turning the key, opening the doors and lighting candles! I will normally chalk up on the board “Pour Of The Day” and I get my wax melting machines heating up and ready to go. I have 2, Henry and Henrieta!! Each day brings something new with a combination of visitors from all over the world coming through the door. The one thing that is the same when every person comes through the door is the same phrase they all say… “Wow, it smells amazing in here” This really puts a smile on both my face and Douglas’s! We love to hear those words are we spend so much time developing and researching the best natural fragrance oils for our candles. However each day I will be pouring, trimming wicks, labelling and packaging candles.

Be patient, believe in yourself and invest in yourself.

Tracy Higgins

Wired Irish Crafts

Pouring and burn testing new fragrances and sourcing new sustainable vessels and looking for new collaborations with other crafters.

A beautiful large ceramic plant pot.

How do you switch off?

Spending time in my garden planting new flowers and plants. I love nature and I am always looking for new plants, trees and flowers. This is why I have so many plants in the studio!

What’s the first thing you do when you leave the studio?

Walk through the beautiful gardens of Butler House on my way home to see my Son and Husband.

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